Study and exposure to Bulgarian language is to be credited for my interest and expertise in translation. I first studied Bulgarian in 1974 at the Institute for Foreign Students in Sofia while simultaneously teaching Hindi at the Sofia University. Every day, for one year I was a student of Bulgarian for four hours and then a teacher of Hindi for three  hours. The following two years it was the reverse. During my three-year stay in Bulgaria I authored the first Bulgarian – Hindi Dictionary. This and progressive exposure to Bulgarian literature enabled me to understand and appreciate the nuances of Bulgarian Language. Upon return to India I completed a three years Advance Diploma course in Bulgarian Language and Literature.

I believe it was my interest in language study coupled with the desire to export the richness of Bulgarian literary tradition that led me to translate some of the classics of Bulgarian Literature for the Hindi readers. Needless to say this would not have been possible without the encouragement and assistance of the Bulgarian literary world. I translated from the original Bulgarian language the classical Bulgarian novel “Vreme Razdelno”  by Anton Donchev , “Kradetsat Na Praskovi”  by Emilyan Stanev , “Septemvri” by Geo Milev. I feel very privileged to have translated the exhaustive “History of Bulgaria”  (Istoria Na Bulgaria) written collectively by a team of leading historians. I also translated and published  a collection of Bulgarian Folk tales in Hindi- “Tumhe Gussa Aa Raha Hai ”.

Appreciating my deep interest in translation the University of Delhi invited me to teach a  course titled “Translation and Linguistics” for the students opting for a PG Diploma Course in  the “Art and Craft of Translation” at the University. I also edited and published a book on translation and interpreting  “Anuvad aur Tatkaal Bhaashantaran”. This book aims to facilitate the understanding of the linguistic intricacies of literary translation.

Publicatons :


  • Dictionaries  
  • 1. Bulgarsko- Hindi Rechnik ( Bulgarian – Hindi Dictionary ) 1978
  • 2. Learner’s Hindi-English Dictionary ( Illustrated)
  • 3. Learner’s Hindi English Thematic Visual Dictionary 2014

Translations of Bulgarian Literature

1.Vreme Ras Delno by Anton Donchev ( Hindi Title   Bela Vida Ki )

2.Kradetsat Na Praskovi by Emilyan Stanev ( Hindi Title Aaroo Chor )

3.Septemvri by Geo Milev ( Hindi Title  Sitambar )

4.Istoria Na Balgaria ( Balgariyaa Ka  Itihas )

5.Tumhe Gussa Aa Raha Hai  (Folk tales of Bulgaria)

  • Books on Theory of Translation ( Edited )
  • 1. Anuvaad Aur Tatkaal Bhaashantaran
  • 2. Bharat -Bulgaria  Anuvaad Visheshank . Special journal issue  of  “Anuvad”
  • 3. Kosh Visheshank ( Special issue on Hindi Lexicograophy) ( Special issue

of Anuvad( Translation )  Research Quarterly of the Association of Indian

Translators, New Delhi

  • Teaching  of Translation

For almost three decades I have been teaching the art and craft of translation to Graduate and Post-Graduate students at the University of Delhi

For more than 10 Years I am visiting faculty at the Central Translation Bureau, Ministry of Home Affairs , Government of India .

  • Participation in National and International Seminars  on Translation

Represented India several times in Bulgaria by presenting  research papers in International  Seminars held in Sofia and Varna  organized by Union of Translators, Union of Writers and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences .

Official delegate of the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India to present the Keynote address  at the VIII Vishva Hindi Sammelan ( World Hindi Convention held in New York  in 2007)

Chaired a session on Translation at the National Hindi Seminar held in New Delhi organized by Kendriya Hindi Sansthan, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, in April. 2016.

  1. Membership  and Positions  held  in  Academic Bodies related to  Translaton  Studies

Vice Chairman , General Secretary of the Association of   Indian Translators, New Delhi

Life Member of  Bharatiya Anuvad Parishad  (Association of Indian Translators), New Delhi


Research Papers

    • Title of the work :

      Vartman Sandarbh Aur Anuvad

    • English Translation of the Title :

      Translation in Modern context

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    • Year :


    • Volume :

      No. 84

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    • Organisation :

      Bhartiya Anuvad Parishad, New Delhi

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