‘Simple Hindi Teaching’ A micro workshop by Dr Verma’s in Kathmandu, Nepal

The Indian Embassy Kathmandu, Nepal, Swami Vivekananda Cultural Center and Central Hindi Department, Tribhuvan University jointly organized a special workshop on ‘Simple Hindi Teaching’ at the Nepal-India Library 28.01.2023. Dr Vimlesh Kanti Verma discussed different dimensions of Hindi teaching in a very simple and exciting way in his lecture and gave a detailed insight into different rules related to Devnagari script, character, words, pronunciation, grammar etc. Dr Asavari Bapat, Director of Swami Vivekananda Cultural Center, President of Central Hindi Department of Tribhuvan University, Dr Sanjita Verma and all Hindi professors and Hindi teachers from different schools of Kathmandu were present at the workshop.
Dr Vimleshkanti Verma’s motto is Knowledge unites people; Empowerment advances people. Half a century of building capacities in teaching Hindi as a foreign language, linguistics and the Diaspora Hindi without any expectations of fortunes, fame or disciples. A language activist whose works are based on knowledge and evidence. At this occasion, Dr Verma said that the language Hindi needs to be nurtured first, for poetry, literature and drama in Hindi to prosper. He added that promoting Hindi is often confused with promoting poetry and literature; this is also evident in the custodianship of many premier Hindi bodies in India. If Hindi is to unite people, then its foundations and its teaching as a non-native language need the services of expert activists to strengthen it in non-imposing academic ways. Dr Verma was delighted to see these people-to-people efforts of India in Nepal (Embassy of India Kathmandu) in sharing knowledge and building capacities. Knowledge diplomacy is the most sustainable form of diplomacy for the prosperity of our region, Dr Verma concluded.
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