In 1974 the Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Ministry of External Affairs , Govt of India invited me to be the first occupant of the Indian Chair introduced at the University of Sofia, Bulgaria under the Indo­Bulgarian Exchange Program and initiate Hindi teaching at the university with a three year Hindi language course in the Department of Eastern Languages. I found teaching at the Department most challenging and rewarding. I learnt Bulgarian language with a good proficiency to communicate and teach Hindi through Bulgarian. Here I came into close contact with Professor Georgi Lozanov , Founder and promoter of Suggestopedic system of pedagogy in language comprehension . I had a good training with him and was invited by him to prepare Hindi language teaching material for the institute. During my tenure I prepared and published three books on Hindi Language Teaching for Bulgarian students which were published by University of Sofia Press and Govt. Publishing House Nauka I Iskustvo, Sofia, Bulgaria, The books written and published were

  1. Uchebnik Po Hindi (Text Book of Hindi)1976
  2. Fonetika Na Hindi (Hindi Phonetics ) 1978
  3. Bulgarsko ­ Hindi Rechnik (Bulgarian ­ Hindi Dictionary ) 1987 .


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