The Politics of Hindi

Hindi has been the victim of Indian politics all through, especially after independence in 1947 and has not attained its rightful place in the constitution nor in social behavior. In an attempt to explain the status of Hindi through documentation and critical analysis, I authored the following books-

  1. Hindi aur Uski Upabhaashayen
  2. Hindi : Rashtrabhaasha se Rajabhaashaa tak
  3. Hndi Mat –Abhmat
  4. Bhasha Sahtya aur Sanskrti
  5. Studies on Hindi


Research Papers

    • Title of the work :

      Bhartendu Ki Bhasha Niti

    • English Translation of the Title :

      Language Policy of Bharatendu

    • Name of journal :

      Dr. G.L. Dutta, Abhinadan Granth

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    • Organisation :

      DAV Management Committee, New Delhi

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