Hindi in the Diaspora

My posting as a senior diplomat (First Secretary) at the High Commission of India in Suva, Fiji Islands (1984-1987) gave me the opportunity to meet Fiji Indians and understand their language, literature and culture. Their language and literature fascinated me and I decided to work on it.

My temperament and interest in travel took me to Trinidad & Tobago, Suriname and South Africa and gave me the opportunity to work on their creative writings in Hindi. My interest and research in the Indian diaspora resulted in the publication of the followings books   on the subject

  1. Pravasi Bharatiya Hindi Sahitya   (2016)
  2. Suriinam  ka Srijanatmak Hindi  Sahitya (2014)
  3. Fiji ka Srijanatmak Hindi    Sahitya (2012 )
  4. Fiji Men Hindi : Swaroop aur Vikas(2000)

These three decades of dedicated research on the Indian Diaspora gave me the opportunity to talk and discuss about the various linguistic styles of Hindi developed in Fiji Islands, Surname, Trinidad & Tobago, Mauritius and South Africa. On various national and international platforms I have advocated for their rightful inclusion into the listings of the forms of Hindi.


Research Papers